Monday, September 28, 2009

Last Class of Business Ethics

The musical biography which was presented by Shekhar Sen in our last meeting at business ethics class, took me back into my old school days where I used to read and learn Kabir’s, Rahim’s and Meera’s Bhajan, Dohe and about their life. At that time it was only the matter of marks but in the last class when I was listening about Kabir I realized that they were really great personalities. They sacrifice their whole life for the improvement of society and to fight for wellness of mankind.

In the lecture, I got to know about Kabir’s life. The main thing which I realize was that Kabir never cared about materialistic world. He never thought that what people would think about him, what the people would think about his definition of god and what the people would think about his thinking. He always tries to think according to his belief and more over then that he never tries to force his thoughts on others.

We get to know about the situation of the India when Kabir was born. Castism, Karmkand’s in Religion, Hindu Muslim issue and superstitious things like Nazar Utarna and Tabiz Pahanna was on peak at that time. Kabir denied to follow these things and told that there is no use of Bhakti in any religion if we are fighting from each other. The real Bhakti of god is in the love. Everyone in the world is same. If god didn’t differentiate between human beings than why are the people differentiating between themselves. He opposes the Karmkand’s like Murtipuja, Pashuvadh (Bali) and orthodox practices which were followed by Hindus and Muslims on the name of god.

But now the main question in front of us is that the condition has been improved or get worse at this time. If we see the outer world all around us we find that the condition is getting worse. Most of us are running behind money and tries to earn as much as possible keeping our morality at stake. At that time they were fighting from each other on the name of religion but now the condition is that everyone is fighting from everyone on the name of god, religion, property, cast, money, reputation and so on. On that time the people believes blindly on god and customs but now people are making money on the name of god. A small example to prove this thing is that in several temples there is an arrangement of VIP coupons from which by paying more money people get the Darshan of god very quickly.

So now the question is - Is there a need of another Kabir today?


In that session we also saw a video clip. It was a short but very impressive clip. It breaks one myth that meditation is something which is related to concentration. It is not concentration of thought. Meditation is the state of total being. It is the state of intelligence in which one is free from the fear which is generated by mind. It is the state of attentive observation. Harmony brings ecstasy and wisdom is outcome of this energy. Source of wisdom is deep hidden constantly chattering and unstable mind is hindrance. So to be happy and gain wisdom we should concentrate on inner heart.